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  • Alumni Association

    Garlending to the bust of Prof. H K Sen by Prof. M M Chakraborty, our Alumnus and former Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University


    Alumni Association is proud of its Members at different positions.
    We have three categories of Registered Alumni Members: (1) Life Member (2) Associate Member, and (3) Honorary Member.
    It is true that we are not yet able to reach out many of our alumni who are serving in different professional bodies in India and abroad.

    Prof. B N Chakraborty (left), Alumnus 1955 and former Professor of the Department was discussing with other senior Alumni


    It remains our altime effort to collect their whereabouts and to connect them with their Alma-mater. In this regard, your collective effort is the only way out to reach everyone.

    Garlending to the bust of Prof. M.N Saha by Prof. Sukumar Aditya


    To build-up the Alumni-Department interaction, Alumni Association is always engaged to activities. A number of Fellowship fund is created by the Association. Financial help to the students are also a part of the activities of the Association.

  • All these activities are possible only because of your feelings towards your alma mater. Alumni Association is engaged in a numbers of activities with the generous help and cooperation of our Alumni. Starting from laboratory development to creation of Book Bank to Pre-placement Training, all are from the support of our Alumni.

    Program of Late Madan Gopal Banerjee Merit Scholarship


    These must be engraved further by your frontward steps. From our recent-past experiences, Association is enthusiastic to create a new Fund for 'Medical Treatments' of our Students as well as Alumni. This can only be happen from your whole-hearted support and willingness.

    Cultural program by our students during Reunion

    Applied Chemistry Building Reunion

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