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Academic Assistance

Academic assistance to students is a specific feature of any academic institute. Here in our Department, ‘Academic Assistance’ to all stakeholders of the Department is open for a long time. It is targeted on the objective to fulfill specific ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’ of the Department. The students, starting from the very beginning of their journey to the end of their course, are always nurtured by the faculty members, including guest teacher, of the Department. Senior retired teachers of the Department and expert alumni are involved to deliver their best for achieving academic excellence of the students. Even passed out students are benefitted by the services provided by the Department in collaboration with the Alumni Association. Alumni Association built the platform where departmental faculty members, retired teachers of the department and alumni develops environment for learning in the form of ‘Academic Assistance’.

Vision of the Department

The vision of the Department is to be a nationally and internationally recognized school of Chemical Engineers by producing competent practicing chemical engineers as well as dedicated academicians for the service of the society and humankind. The Department aims at serving the nation and the society by following the vision of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology keeping in mind the motto “advancement of learning” of the University of Calcutta.

Mission of the Department

To achieve its own vision and the vision of the Faculty, the Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to: (a) Provide high-quality teaching to foster international standard graduate and post graduate Chemical Engineers. (b) Motivate the students of the Department to face challenges in their professions – industrial, academic, R & organizations. (c) Generate knowledge through research as well as through interaction with industries and academia so that the students of this Department can take part in the interdisciplinary fields like environmental engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology and material science. (d) Inspire the students of the Department to contribute to the sustainable development of the nation and society through professionalism, education, research, public and social services. Feedback form with certain points covering delivery of lecture, understanding of the content, coverage of syllabus, requiring of specific assistance, are being filled up by the students. Based on the feed back, additional class(es), counseling, remedial teaching, etc. are being arranged. These help the students in better understanding the subject and to apply the same for chemical engineering practice. Also, interaction with the students in tutorial class of a course helps to assess the impact of course content and to take appropriate measure(s).