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Distinguished Service Award

An academic Department in Technical course can not run without the whole hearted support of Technical Staff. We are proud that always the Department has the opportunity to utilize technical expertise of our staff. The Department of Chemical Engineering has a good repute in the University to maintain proper Official records. We appreciate the support of our departmental Office staff also for their timely help and cooperation.
In every Reunion, we acknowledge the life-long contribution of the Technical and Non-Technical Staff of the Department and honour them by Felicitation.

A comprehensive list of distinguished service felicitation is given below:

Sl.# Name of the Teacher Reunion Year About
1 Sri Ram Lakshman Pathak Reunion - 2006

Sri Ram Lakshman Pathak Sri Pathak served in the Chemical Technolgy Department.

2 Sri Nimai Chandra Pal Reunion - 2006

Sri Nimai Chandra Pal Sri Nimai Chandra Pal was in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

3 Sri Sushil Das Mukherjee Reunion - 2006

Sri Sushil Das Mukherjee Sri Mukherjee served in the Mechanica Workshop of the Department.

4 Sri Banshi Badan Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Banshi Badan Das Sri Das served in the Mechanical Workshop of the Department.

5 Sri Bhabani Sankar Guha Reunion - 2006

Sri Bhabani Sankar Guha Sri Guha served in the Electrical Lab of our Department.

6 Sri Shambhu Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Shambhu Das Sri Das worked in the Department of Chemical Technology.

7 Sri Sudhir Chandra Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Sudhir Chandra Das In our Department, we had Boiler and Gas Blower Section. Sri Das served in the Blower section of the Department.

8 Sri Mukunda Kumar Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Mukunda Kumar Das Sri Das was a Research Associate in the Department. He always shared his knowledge to Ph.D. scholars of the Department.

9 Sri Makhan Goswami Reunion - 2006

Sri Makhan Goswami Sri Goswami served in the then Applied Chemistry Office.

10 Sri S. Ghosh Reunion - 2006

Sri S. Ghosh Sri Ghosh was in the Chemical Technology Department.

11 Sri Subhash Chandra Dutta Reunion - 2006

Sri Subhash Chandra Dutta Sri Dutta served in the Laboratory of Chemical Technolgy Department.

12 Sri Harmohan Routh Reunion - 2006

Sri Harmohan Routh Sri Routh worked in the Chemical Technolgy Department.

13 Sri Swapan Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Swapan Das Sri Das worked in the Chemical Technolgy Department.

14 Sri Nikunja Das Reunion - 2006

Sri Nikunja Das Sri Das worked in the Oil laboratory of Chemical Technolgy Department.

15 Sri Prabhat Sen Reunion - 2006

Sri Prabhat Sen He served in the Laboratory of Chemical Technology Department.

16 Sri Amit Baran Sengupta Reunion - 2006

Sri Amit Baran Sengupta Sri Sengupta served in the Department of Polymer Science & Technology.

17 Sri Pannalal Chakraborty Reunion - 2006

Sri Pannalal Chakraborty Sri Chakraborty served in the Polymer Science and Technology Department.

18 Sri Madhab Lal Mukherjee Reunion - 2006

Sri Madhab Lal Mukherjee Sri Mukherjee worked in the Chemical Technolgy Department.

19 Sri Pradyut Kumar Maiti Reunion - 2006

Sri Pradyut Kumar Maiti Sri P K Maiti rendered his service as Drawing Instructor. Everyone, even the students of other two sister deparments, always remembers him for his all-time support in the drawing room.

20 Sri Aloke Kumar Roy Reunion - 2012

Sri Aloke Kumar Roy Sri Roy was in our Departmental Office.He was well known for maintaining the Office records in systematic manner.

21 Sri Nirmal Baguli Reunion - 2012

Sri Nirmal Baguli Sri Baguli was colleague of Sri Alok Roy. Both of them worked togethar in our Departmental Office

22 Sri Mihir Kumar Bhattacharya Reunion - 2012

Sri Mihir Kumar Bhattacharya Sri Bhattacharya served in the Laboratory of Polymer Science & Technology Department.

23 Sri Anil Kumar Ray Reunion - 2012

Sri Anil Kumar Ray Sri Ray served in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory of the Department.

24 Sri Badal Das Reunion - 2015

Sri Badal Das Sri Badal Das was in our Mechanical Workshop.

25 Sri Anirban Roy Chowdhury Reunion - 2015

Sri Anirban Roy Chowdhury In the Unit Operation Laboratory, Sri Roy Chowdhury was dedicated to the service of the students. His cooperation is unforgettable.

26 Sri Lal Mohan Pathak Reunion - 2015

Sri Lal Mohan Pathak Sri Pathak served in the Department of Chemical Technolgy.

27 Sri Pratip Kumar Kundu Saha Reunion - 2015

Sri Pratip Kumar Kundu Saha Sri Kundu Saha served in the Process Control Laboratory of the Department. For modernization of the Lab, his technical knowledge and contribution is remembered forever.

28 Sri Sankar Das Reunion - 2018

Sri Sankar Das At the begining, Sri Sankar Das was in the Unit operation. Later on he served in the Process Control Lab of the Department.

29 Sri Banshidhar Patra Reunion - 2018

Sri Banshidhar Patra Sri Patra served in the Mechanical Workshop of the Department. He was always helpful to the Research Scholars of the Department, particularly, for fabrication of experimental set-up.

30 Smt. Jayanti Chatterjee Reunion - 2018

Smt. Jayanti Chatterjee Smt. Chatterjee served in the Departmental Office.

31 Sri Ratnakar Jana Reunion - 2018

Sri Ratnakar Jana Sri Jana served in the newly-built Computer Lab of the Department. He also took the charge of maintaining and operating Projector and Sound system in the Prof. N K Bose Memorial Auditorium of the Department.