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The following Alumni of our Department are within the 2% "Scientists and Researchers" in the World Ranking done by Stanford University. We, on behalf of the Alumni Association and the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calcutta, convey our sincere thanks to those who accomplish the milestone.

Congratulations to our Achievers

Prof. Binay Kanti Dutta
Alumnus - 1969
Professor (Retd.)
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
University of Calcutta
Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu
Alumnus - 1986
Director, CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials
Professor, IIT Delhi (on lien)
Prof. Ajay Mandal
Alumnus - 1996
Professor, Department of Petroleum Engineering
ISM Dhanbad
Prof. Mihir Purkait
Alumnus - 1999
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Guwahati
Prof. Papita Das (Saha)
Alumnus - 2001
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Jadavpur University