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1.  Investigating the surface properties of agro-waste derived activated carbon and its versatile applications
to treat water and wastewater via Capacitive Deionization,
   Page 01-10
Madhu Agarwal* and Karishma Maheshwari

2. Air Plasma Gasification Technology in Pursuit of Clean Environment,   Page 19-23
Subhankar Bhandari*, N. Tiwari, Y. Chakravarthy, V. C. Misra and S. Ghorui

3.  Decarbonisation: Role of CO2 Capture in the Power and Industrial Sectors,    Page 24-31
Jayanta De

4.  Societal Risk Assessment of Styrene Release Scenario – A case study,   Page 32-38
Diptendu Das and Ramdas Bhattacharya*

5.  Instability facilitated Micro Nano-plastic disintegration under thermal influence,   Page 39-40
Saurabh Dubey, Prathu Raja Parmar, Vinod B. Vanarse, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay*

6.   Photocatalytic Decomposition of Ciprofloxacin Drug: Proposed Degradation Mechanism
and Antimicrobial Study,
  Page 41-47
Ardhendu Sekhar Giri

7.  Design and development of a prototype of POCT device for estimation of protein concentration
in a biological sample,
Page 48-52
Ravula Rajasekhar, Thirukumaran Kandasamy, Siddhartha S. Ghosh and Tapas Kumar Mandal*

8.  Production of syn-gas by the tri-reforming of methane over Ni/γ-Al2O3 catalyst,   Page 53-58
Arisha Sharma and Prakash Biswas*

9.  Self-assembly driven ripening of nanocrystals,   Page 59-63
Mona Vishwakarma and Debdip Bhandary*

10.  Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals,   Page 64-68
Ajinkya Kotkar and Suddhasatwa Basu*

11.  Waste remediation and hydrogen production by electrochemical splitting of
ammonia/urea in simulated wastewater,
   Page 69-74
Abhra Shau*, Parameswar De and Parthasarathi Ray

12.  Prospect of electrochemical process-induced separation techniques to redefine waste-water
as the resources – A journey towards circular economy,
  Page 75-101
Pallab Kumar Bairagi