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From the Desk of the Secretary

Dear Alumni,

It is my proud privilege to get an opportunity to serve the Alma Mater and fellow alumni community. I am immensely thankful to all those who thought it fit to give me this opportunity. We had the meeting on December 23, 2018 where the Members present in the Annual General Meeting of the Association handed over the baton to the new Executive Committee. After taking the charge, the most tuff tusk was to re-design the Alumni Website and making updated data base with self-edit option of each individual alumnus data sheet. Putting active search engine to search our alumni from data base was another target. I am pleased to inform that we are able to launch the newly designed website. For individual log-in Registration please mail me or Mr. Biswajit Kamila, as given details in the Contact page. Now it is your term to log-in and update data base regularly directly through the site.

Alumni Association had launched some important initiatives in the last few years and the same are informed in the Alumni Website (please see the Navigation bars). Beside those, two more significant things are getting more alumni in the data base and drive in bringing new members to the Association. And as such we still have a long way to go because a number of our alumni are not in touch with us. Our attempt will be to bridge this gap. Having all members on board is the starting point to make a vibrant community. I appeal to all alumni in this endeavour by help in enrolling each and every alumnus in the data base.
Vibrancy of an association is directly proportional to participation of its members in its activities. Though we have thousands of alumni on the list, only about 400 alumni participated in the Reunion 2018. I earnestly urge all alumni to participate actively in alumni activities. Younger alumni may think that alumni activities are meant more for senior alumni, either superannuated or closer to it. But the need is different. The Association requires participation of younger people more than at any other time. With increasing size of batches over years, young members are larger in number. Further, they have more energy. We require combination of experience and energy in the Association. I specially invite younger members to play active role in the activities of the Association. On behalf of old guards, I promise that you will have due space.
One of my appeals is to see that alumni sets up local Chapters in all those cities, all over the world, where alumni number is more than 20. There will be many such Cities in India where we have and can form Chapters. Local chapters are the backbone of parent organization. They are the key to effective networking which is an important goal of the Association. I urge our alumni spread all over to set up formal local chapters and be in touch with the parent body. Together we can do a lot. All individual chapters even may organize Seminar/ Workshop by their own, taking aid from the parent body.
In this regard, I would like to mention the word ‘TEAM’ (Together Everyone Achieves More, defined by Dr. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay- alumnus 1986) which was proposed to be the motto of our Alumni Association.
The Institute is a very important stake holder in our activities. The Department and as a whole the University has played a major role in shaping our professional career. It is now time to share our experience, in any form, for the Alma Mater. To return something to the Alma Mater will be proud moment for us and sweet memory to reminiscence.
Presently we are publishing quarterly newsletter, our endeavour is to bring out a newsletter once a month. It is possible if all alumni and local chapters contribute in this effort. Please do share news and events related to alumni. Let us give so much high quality matter every month that we get tough time picking what to skip.
I once again thank you all to give me this opportunity. I look forward to serve you.

Let us echo the word TEAM.

With sincere regards and best wishes,
Asim Kumar De,
Secretary, CUChEAA

N.B.: Convey sincere thanks to Mr. Tapas Mandal, an alumnus (2005) and Research Scholar of the Department who developed the site with a new look and facilities.

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