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Distinguished Teacher Felicitation

We are indebted to our teachers in the Department for their whole-hearted support and blessings on us. We feel proud to Felicitate them during Alumni Meet.

Sl.# Name of the Teacher Reunion Year About
1 Prof. Sukumar Aditya Reunion - 2003

Prof. Sukumar Aditya Prof. Sukumar Aditya

2 Prof. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya Reunion - 2006

Prof. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya

Prof. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya was born on 1st March, 1921 in North Kolkata. After Matriculation in the year 1936, he did his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Jadavpur University. After a few years service in Industry, he joined in the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur. At this time he came in close contact with the famous scientist Dr. Meghnad Saha. Inspired by Dr. Saha, Dr. Bhattacharya resigned from the post in Cultivation of Science and joined in the then Applied Chemistry Departmet of Calcutta University. Under the leadership of Dr. Biresh Chandra Guha, Dr. Bhattacharya was engaged in the study of "Fermentation Technology".
He devoted his service for the development of the Department. His contribution during the formation of Chemical Engineering Departmemnt from the then Applied Chemistry has always been remembered.
Despite being a scientist and researcher, he was also involved in social works, particularly in the Literacy promotion program. He was recipient of "Michael Madhusudan Dutta" award for his life time achievement. Dr. Bhattacharya left us for his heavenly abode on 17th July, 2013.

3 Prof. Ajit Kumar Banik Reunion - 2009

Prof. Ajit Kumar Banik Reunion dummy text3

4 Prof. Manas Das Reunion - 2012

Prof. Manas Das Prof. Manas Das

5 Prof. Auhin Chandra Saha Reunion - 2012

Prof. Auhin Chandra Saha Prof. Auhin Chandra Saha

6 Prof. Sitangshu Sekhar Pal Reunion - 2015

Prof. Sitangshu Sekhar Pal Prof. Sitangshu Sekhar Pal